Business Improvement Techniques

Business Improvement Techniques

What is Business Improvement Techniques?

The primary objective of Business Improvement Techniques training programmes is to improve business performance as a whole. This can only be done by empowering the people who make up the organisation; this means the top-level management, middle management, supervisory and all other employees who will have a part to play in improving the performance of their business. The change starts with the Business Improvement Techniques qualification (BIT), which enables companies to train their employees towards the competencies they will need to achieve this qualification, in many cases FREE of CHARGE or heavily subsidised. It is intended to maximise the company profits and revenues by the elimination of waste, to create flow through the business by reducing cost and variation and to improve responsiveness through making more effective use of people and physical assets.

It is clear, that if we address improvement activity in an ad hock way we will achieve more improvement than if we had done nothing. Hence the saying “If we always do what we have always done, we will always have what we always had”.

Just imagine what could be achieved if we involved a range of appropriate people, gave them some relevant underpinning knowledge, demonstrated to them the power of the tools and techniques and mentored them in the application of continuous improvement in live situations in their workplace.

BIT Training Programmes:
• BIT Lean Pathway
• BIT Six Sigma Pathway
• BIT Certificate
• Performing Engineering Operations
• Performing Manufacturing Operations
• Lean Sigma Apprenticeship

Here in this section is a range of programmes that would support Business Improvement performance in your organisation, including the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Diploma levels 2 / 3 & 4.

These programmes are funded by the government, so whilst your commitment is to release the participant, the benefits are real improvement in the workplace and the participants receive a national qualification.